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4/2/2020 - 4/5/2020


Pat Stuart - NePoPo®

Pat Stuart of the Operant Canine is returning to Massachusetts for this 4-day seminar.  

The first two days of the seminar will be heavily lecture based with minimal working time for dogs. The second 2 days will focus more on working dogs.

This seminar is about creating new behaviors through the NePoPo® system. It includes, but isn’t limited to:

· Establish a common language and definitions.
· Understand K9 cognition and memory development.
· Detailed understanding of Operant Conditioning and its effects
· Understanding and Application of modern Positive only training
· Understanding and Application of classic escape training
· Detailed understanding of Classical Conditioning and its effects
· Understanding classic tools for dog training
· Understanding modern tools for dog training
· Understanding NePoPo® Tools
· Application of all these skills in role games.
· Toughening
· E-Collar Safety and Maintenance
· Implementing the E-Collar
· Addressing scars relating to prior use of the E-Collar
· Establishing the E-Collar for activation of behaviours
· Using the E-Collar as an aversive while maintaining use an activation tool

Tickets are $575 for 4 days.  THIS SEMINAR IS FULL. If you'd like to be put on a waitlist, click the "waitlist" button and fill out the form.

Seminar location is at Champion Kennels 149 Clinton Rd, Sterling, Massachusetts 01564.  There will be no indoor crating, so plan to crate in your car.  New England weather is unpredictable in April, it could be hot and humid, or we could have snow.  Please plan accordingly.

The seminar is FULL.  Click the "waitlist" button and fill out the form to be put on a waiting list.

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