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Virtual Classes via The Right Paw

Princeton, MA

Until it’s safe to meet in groups again, all of our classes at The Right Paw will be offered online through Zoom.  This way we can keep all of our clients healthy and safe, AND still help you train your pups!  You’re stuck inside with them anyways, why not work with them to help them be their best doggie selves?


Zoom is a wonderful platform for hosting group meetings.  Everyone in group will be able to see each other (and all the dogs) as well as the instructor, Jen.  Jen has been teaching virtually for a few years, it really is the next best option when you can’t meet in person!  All you’ll need is a computer with video capability, a laptop, or a tablet.  You’ll be emailed a link to the Zoom meeting.


The best part of it all, once you graduate from your virtual group course, you’ll get a credit for a one hour in person group follow up!  This means you get an extra class!  These refresher classes with be scheduled at The Right Paw as soon as possible.  The credit will expire at the end of the year.


During your virtual group class, you’ll get access to a private group on Facebook where you can post videos of your training lessons and ask questions. 

obedience training massachusetts
Class Descriptions

Puppy Kindergarten - This 7 week class is for puppies between 8-12 weeks.  Students will learn all about house breaking, socialization, curbing bad habits like biting and jumping, and kick start your pups obedience training!.


Grammar School - This 6 week course is not for dogs who are aggressive towards people or dogs.  Learn all the basics to help you feel comfortable taking your dog out in the real world!  A great choice for pups who just graduated from Kindergarten or are new to taking classes.


Puppy Play Time - This drop in style class is great for puppies who are 8 - 20 weeks old and are looking for some extra play and socialization time with other dogs. Learn all about dog play in this hour long class.  Please register before coming.  Visit The Right Paw website for more details. 

Leash Skills - This six week course is all about teaching your dog to walk nicely on leash, even around distractions.  No more pulling!  If you just graduated from Puppy Class or you've never taken a class with your dog, then this is where you want to be.  Perfect for dogs over 16 weeks old who are not dealing with behavioral problems like fear or aggression. Visit The Right Paw website to register.

Come When Called - Prerequisite is Grammar, Leash Skills, or Basic Obedience class.  Teach your dog that coming when called is FUN, and NOT an option.  Visit The Right Paw website to register.

Out & About - Students must complete Obedience 1/Leash Skills class or in home training before taking this class.  If you have dreams of taking your dog everywhere with you, then this is the class for you!  Each week class will be held in a new location as Jen helps guide you through getting your dog to be under control in real life situations. Class locations are generally in and around Fitchburg MA.  Details on this class can be found in our private Facebook group, only current and past clients will be permitted into the group. 

Social Responsibility Foundations - This class focuses on the Social Responsibility (SR) test for GRC Dog Sports. This is a great option for High School/Come When Called graduates.  There will not be testing.  Behaviors covered:

Teaching a tactical heel, pivots and movement

Greeting people politley

Down stay out of sight and with distractions

Leash walking with distractions

Front position with pivots

Liberty/free time

Would you like to observe one of my group classes before signing up? Send me an email and we can schedule a time for you to come in!

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