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Majboor Hindi Movie Free Download berbear




The film was a commercial success, earning 35 crores at the box office. At the 12th National Film Awards, the film received the Best Feature Film in Hindi award. The film was an adaptation of the novel The Informer by Ronald Fairhurst and adapted by Salim-Javed. The film was notable for being the first Bollywood film to break into the American market after the success of Sholay, and the first Indian film to pass the $2 million mark. Plot Four strangers, each with their own agenda, meet during a train journey from Bombay to Lahore. One of them is Satish Chaudhry, who gives his name as Raj Kumar Verma. He says that he has come to find his brother, whom he has not seen for four years. The others are a Judge on his way to the High Court, an Inspector of Police, and a Chief Engineer on his way to meet his son, who is also travelling to the capital city. The train stops at a remote junction, and the engineer tells the others that he is being blackmailed for his knowledge of the goods trains. He is being forced to identify goods trains for the insurgents, who are planning a major strike, using his knowledge of the list of goods that enter and leave each station, and also the schedules of the trains. To find out more information, he is being paid in cash, and there is a suitcase on board that contains the money. The door of the compartment is locked, and the key is on the floor. A passenger claims to have a key, and offers the person who gives him Rs. 5000 to let them out of the compartment. When the passenger goes back into the compartment, the others realise that there is a trap. The Inspector of Police and the Chief Engineer try to stop the man, but they are overpowered by him, and the other two passengers are taken hostage. The engineer and the Chief Engineer get off the train at a nearby village, and he discovers that the gangster who is trying to find out the contents of the suitcase is Ajay Verma, his brother Satish's nephew. It turns out that Ajay's friend and business partner, Ram Karan, has been kidnapped by the gangster. Ajay tries to bargain with the gangster and tell him that he has a child and an old mother. He tells him that he will give him his share of the cash if he lets Ram go, but the gangster demands Rs. 200




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Majboor Hindi Movie Free Download berbear

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