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Recommended Breeders

Buyer beware of puppy mills and back yard breeders.  Irresponsibly bred dogs are everywhere and can come with a slew of problems, both medical and mental.  Steer clear of breeders who aren't doing basic health testing for their breed or are purposely breeding rare or unusual coat colors.  If you want a unique looking dog that doesn't fit a breed standard, please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue.  I also don't recommend buying from a breeder who is purposely mixing breeds to turn a profit.  Lab x poodle mixes, husky x shepherd mixes, and so much more.  Again, if you're interested in a mix breed dog, please consider adopting from a shelter instead!

If you're looking for a dog and you aren't sure what to get, please give me a call so I can help you.  I don't charge for this service, it's just really important to me that people look for a dog that will fit their lifestyle.  This list of recommended breeders is always changing and being updated.  If you don't see the breed you're interested in, please give me a call and I can try to put you in touch with someone familiar with the breed. 

Golden Retrievers : Athletic, energetic, and social to a fault.  Golden retrievers want to be out doing what you're doing, and love to have fun.  This is not a dog that wants to sit on the couch all day.

Charlene Devens, Millis, MA

German Shepherds : I do not think this breed makes a good pet.  If you want a hiking partner, or want to compete in various sports, then you may want to consider this dog.  They can be vocal, protective, and are busy.  Expect to spend a minimum of an hour a day exercising and training this breed.  NOT a couch dog.

Paula, Salisbury, MA

Kathy Seale, Rowley, MA

Pam Lake, Webster, NH

French Bulldogs : This breed tends to require less exercise, and does well living in an apartment or with a family who works full time.

Charlene Devens, Millis, MA

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