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"I have worked with Jen since my dog Cali was 2.5 months old, up to when she turned 9 months. Jen not only trained puppy class, obedience I and II, but also helped us through other behavioral issues. Jen has tons of knowledge and experience about the best techniques for all issues. Not only does she work with the dog, but she works with you on how to train and handle your dog.


I really wanted to take my dog everywhere, including stores such as Lowes and Tractor Supply, and take her hiking on public trails -- and I’m now able to do that with ease and confidence.


Jen also helped me with 1:1 remote collar training so I can keep my dog off leash when we’re out hiking trails. This training has enabled me to potentially save my dog’s life before she runs into the street or chase after another animal in the woods. This has all been a HUGE accomplishment, but also personally in developing myself as a leader and how to handle any situation.


It feels amazing when your dog obeys you in an environment full of distractions. This is all thanks to Jen! I highly recommend her for any training! She’s worth every cent."

-Elaine Armstrong & Cali



"We highly recommend Jen for dog training. We were lost with our puppy who was very demanding and thought she was the boss :) Jen was professional and friendly. She is highly knowledgeable and skilled at her job. Jen had an answer for all of our dog training "problems." Her schedule was also very flexible and accommodating. She was always easy to reach if we had concerns that came up when we were not in a training session with her.


We saw huge improvements in our puppy's behavior after just ONE session with Jen. No exaggeration. In our opinion, there's no one better than Jen. Our dog Lyla is so well behaved thanks to what Jen was able to teach us."

-Katie Pazzenese & Lyla



"Jen was absolutely AWESOME! She is a real pro trainer and completely gave us our confidence back with our dog! We got our "Pittie mix" from a rescue some years ago and have worked really hard over the years getting her to a point where she trusted us, people in general and other animals. She has a very sweet nature but her anxiety issues have been a challenge.


Recently she went through a traumatic event and suffered a lot of setback. I was very depressed about it all and wanted to give up. The lady whom we got our "girl" from had Jen recommended to her and we set it up to have her come. She gave us the tools to get our confidence back with Aggie, and now, just in a short time, she is doing terrific!


Jen is worth every penny you will spend! Her methods are not difficult, they make total sense, and best of all they WORK!! We felt very Blessed to have worked with Jen!"

-Lisa Morin & Aggie

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