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Meet Your Dog Trainer

Do you consider your dog a family member? Maybe you look for any excuse to include your dog in your plans? Well, me too.


Hello, my name is Jen, and I’m happiest when I’m with my dogs.


I started training dogs in 2009 as an assistance dog trainer. BK9S was started in 2014, and ever since then I’ve helped people stop bad dog behaviors and teach good ones.


Check out my Instagram feed to get an idea of what I do with my free time, and visit the BK9S blog to learn more about me and get tips on how you can help your dog today.


My goal is to help you train your dog to behave the way you want. Whether you want a well-mannered house pet who doesn't bark out the window and jump on guests, an off leash hiking partner that listens when you call them, or anything in between – I’m here to help you.


So, if you’re looking for a solution to:





Car Chasing

Food Stealing

Crate Training


Running away

House Training



...and so much more, then fill out our dog training application so we can get started.

Because you deserve a good dog.


NEADS Kennel Volunteer 2004-2009

NEADS 2 Year Assistance Dog Apprentice Program March 2009 – March 2011

Assistance Dogs International Conference October 2014

Alpha Dog K9 Training Apprentice 2014-2018

The Loyal Hound 20-Hour Shadow Program December 2016

BA Degree of Psychology UMASS Lowell Class of 2017

Dream Come True K9 7-Day Shadow Program May 2017

Dream Come True K9 2 Day Seminar July 2017

Quiet Dog Daycare Seminar March 2018

K9 Connection 5 Day Shadow Program with Tyler Muto April 2018

Understanding K9 Behavior 4 Day Seminar with Blake & Tyler June 2018

IACP Conference September 2018

Shade Whitesel 2 Day Seminar November 2018

NePoPo® 4 Day Seminar with Pat Stuart April 2019

Prime Canine 1 Day Shaping Seminar with Jas Whiting August 2019

Canine Paradigm 3 Day seminar September 2019

IACP Conference September 2019

Up Next

NePoPo® 4 Day Seminar with Pat Stuart April 2020

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