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How long are training sessions?

Most in your home sessions last about an hour but can vary from 40 minutes to 2 hours depending        on the situation.  Group classes are 45 minutes.

How much does training cost?

Group class prices are listed here.  In your home program prices can be found here

What tools do you use to train dogs?


​I will use the tools that are best for you and your dog. That may include: affection, food, clickers,        prong collars, remote collars, harnesses, and head halters. Watch my video to learn more about the      tools I use most.

What is a remote collar?



Why would someone use a remote collar?


The remote collar is an ideal tool for ensuring that your dog will respond to you when they are off leash.  Remote collars can be used in basic obedience in the house as well as when you have your dog off leash. Check out this video of a clients dog learning to respond to the remote collar.












What age dogs does BK9S work with?

We work with dogs of all ages!  We've had puppies as young as 8 weeks old as well as senior dogs who are over 8 years old.

What are your credentials?

Jen has been training dogs since 2004.  Check out the About page for details on continuing education.

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